Stephen Lichty at House of Seiko

February 20 - 25, 2023

Performance hours:
10:00 am - 12:00 pm (1-hour break) 1:00 pm - 6:00 pm  

The performance involves the dressing and flattening of a granite curbstone according to the three-plate method.

Stephen Lichty, a sculpture and performance-minded New York transplant, has been living and working in San Francisco for around five years, focusing intently on stone poetics, movement, and somatics.

On Mount Sutro, next to his home, Stephen unearthed a medium-sized block of curb granite. It's an unassuming speckled stone of medium size.

For five days beginning February 20, during regular business hours, Stephen will split the granite and, using the three-plate method, attempt to flatten each of the three plates. The stone begins as one, [self-similar], then two, then three. Then together, the three commune toward zero once again. An intimate choreography of communion and loss.

House of Seiko is an appropriate place for such a score (being the former home of a watch repair shop)—the history of measurement and time are entangled with precision engineering.

This will be Stephen's first performance in San Francisco since 2015 and is certainly not to be missed.

There will be room to sit in the front of the gallery once you enter.